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With the current situation, it is really hard to go out to nurseries and find good lawn seeds. My current options are the Gro Sure seeds or the Miracle Gro. What has the experience been for you all for a hardy, low maintenance lawn?


  • Hi, sorry for jumping into your thread but I'm after a bit of advice. I've just moved back into a property I rented out for several years and the lawns are in a right state. I have applied weed and feed around four weeks ago and cut them short twice now, as well as scarifying (slitting blade attachment). This was done more to try and level as there were large clumps of tall spiky grass (not sure what type) and dozens of dandelions. As it was so full of weeds there are now bare patches and it is quite thin. I am looking to get it into a nice condition so was after a plan of attack regarding which seed to put down and also, if I apply a new seed variation will it overtake the old grass so eventually it will all be of the same type? Thanks in advance, Andrew
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