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How to improve my lawn?

I am seeking some advice on how to improve my lawn. I moved to a house in Feb with garden. The lawn is about 35' x 30'. I have mowed it and using a garden fork aerated a yellow area. There's quite a few dandelions and other weeds and some clover The lawn isn't completely flat and has areas which undulate a little. I was thinking of purchasing an electric scarifier / aerator but I am concerned about it not coping with the undulations.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,289
    Hi @rmillerfamily5 - have you got some photos?
    By the sound of it - the grass is weedy and needing a bit of a boost. It may be very compacted, or in shade, which can encourage weedy growth. If it gets cut too short at this time of year, that also encourages the weeds at the expense of the grass. 
    A higher cut is better, and doing it more often but taking very little off encourages the grass, as it will 'tiller' which just means it will grow outwards and become more dense.

    Undulations are often best tackled by adding some topsoil to the dips. That can be a big job, depending on how bad it is, and how deep the dips are. 
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  • Hi Fairygirl
    Thanks for your reply. I'm unable to attach photos as the files are too big.
    The lawn is gently undulating with about 1" between the high and low points.
    Some parts are paler and the grass is more sparse and I have forked it to aerate it.
    There are other parts of the lawn where the grass grows more rapidly and is greener and denser. These maybe areas where ponds were filled in by the previous owner of the property.
    I agree maybe I shouldn't have mowed the lawn so close as I have done.
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