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Apricot Tree (Sap & Canker?) Split Tree Bark - HELP

So this post is about a very very special plant in our family history. It is ingrained in the memories of my childhood and my parents'. It is my grandmothers Apricot tree.

There is much legend and folklore about how it got planted and where it began (my mum is convinced she planted it from an apricot she ate in the early 70's) but my nan says it was given to her by a friendly neighbour. Either way this tree represents many happy memories and years of producing delicious apricots which we turn into jams.

Anyway I am posting this year there appears to be some branch die back.. something ive never seen it do before. i've noticed quite a few branches that are now dead across the tree with quite a large amount of sap coming out from the thicker branches towards the trunk. The trunk itself has a big split across it too. (please see pics)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any help advice or anything I can do to help ensure it has a chance of surviving will be paramount.


  • Sorry to say I can’t help you but this should bring it to the top. You really need professional help. I have a tree I could not replace and have considered asking a nursery man to graft a bud onto a new root stock as that is the only way of replicating it. Mine is an apricot too. They have die back regularly, on yours I don’t like the look of the trunk splitting and oozing with glue like substance because I think that means canker. Valerie 
  • Thanks Valerie - any ideas of who I should get in touch with? I have heard of special paints you can use to fill in the hole ?
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