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Seedling identification:

OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 49
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Possibly a bit too early to tell, but I was wondering if someone might have some idea as to what these seedlings might be.



2 again from above)



  • B3B3 Posts: 24,463
    1 looks like it might become geum urbanum
    Bottom right of 4 looks like creeping  buttercup
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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,373
    Top one looks like an Honesty seedling.  Don’t think that’s buttercup. Middle one could be Antirrhinum depends what the OP had growing last year. 
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  • OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 49
    edited April 2020
    Thanks for the replies.

    The patches in question have been fairly bare beyond some shrubs, roses and Ice plants (Sedum) for quite awhile. Last year I was pulling quite a lot of Bindweed out, and the soil has been dug over quite a bit so these could be seeds buried for years or decades even.

    As far as I'm aware we have never grown Honesty or Snapdragons, though that obviously doesn't preclude them. I have previously tried sowing Viola Tricolour there last year but nothing ever came from it (either direct or in pots).
  • OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 49
    Just as a further point, having searched through various things I've tried seeds for, I wonder if the no.2 could possibly be Candytuft (Iberis Umbellata)?

    The second leaves don't look right versus some pictures around, but I did sow some seeds for that elsewhere, so I guess it's possible something could have thrown them over (e.g a cat or squirrel digging for something)?

  • I had thrown a copious amount of breadseed poppy seeds across my yard. It has been 2 years since I sowed the seeds. I had never seen anything remotely resembling the intended plant. This year we had a bit of a cold snap early on in the year and suddenly there are an excess of new plants in the yard. Some of them are clearly not and others may be lookalikes. Can someone please help me to identify this seedling? Or at the very least give me some pointers on how to successfully find and identify a breadseed poppy seedling. 
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