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Laurel Hedge -Brown leaves

First time poster and apologies if this has been covered under other threads.  I have planted a 5-6ft rootball laurel hedge last September.  It was well pruned upon planting and again there in March.  I have increasingly noticed the leaves on quite a few of the plants have turned yellow and in a no. of cases have turned completely brown.  Root depth was about 12-18 inches and they have received an abundance of water over the Winter until recent weeks when I have watered quite regularly.   Will the affected plants need removed or is there potentially a fit of some kind spreading between the plants?  Any help much appreciated 


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    Sounds like you have pruned your shrubs so that will help. Can you post a few photos of the root area. Good to know what type of soil and the condition it is grown in. Your original plants sounds quite large, so prep work for more mature shrubs needs to be carefully done. If not, the roots will not be growing into the surrounding soil.

    Water-wise, you should aim for a bucketful each plant for every 2-3 days in warm temperatures like last few days and easing slightly to twice a week. This has to continue right the way into autumn. The idea is to settle the roots in so the plant can slowly take care of themselves in the coming years.
  • Hi @Barry_mckeown you'd better read this massive thread on success with laurels. 

    Almost weekly we get first time posters asking for advice...the problem with plants that are advertised as low maintenance is that they can be anything but. From the blurry photos it looks quite an exposed site...not exactly ideal for them. So many other choices for hedge that would have done better in that location...but that's a moot point. Have a good read at that thread and see if you can help them out. 
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  • Thanks thanks for the replies and the link from previous posts.  The site is relatively exposed at the back ( mainly affected area) however a good shield for privacy between a neighbour and myself was what was required, hence we purchased at 4 and 5 foot so that it would form sooner.  I was concerned that there might be some disease beginning to transfer between them but hopefully not the case.  Plenty of rain here today so will get a few better pics over next few days. 
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