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Tomato leaves drooping and yellowing, stalk and underneath of leaves turning purple

Hello all. 

First post here, and I'm rather new to gardening, so apologies if this is a remedial question.

I'm growing some tomato plants from seed and currently, they are under supplementary lights in a window. If its really hot, I've been moving them outside. This plant pictured is probably about 4 weeks old. I grew some plants in the same manner last year very successfully. 

This year they seem to be struggling a bit. As described in the title, the leaves are drooping, especially the lowest ones. But the whole plant is looking a little under the weather. So I decided (probably somewhat rashly) to cut off the lower ones, and they are pictured one each way up at the bottom of the plant. 

Having done some Googling, it could perhaps be too much water, too little water, phosphorous deficiency?

Any ideas anyone?


  • Really we need a photo for someone to be able to help you. This hopefully will highlight the post. Valerie
    p.s. to get a photo downloaded go to the little picture rectangle on the top line.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126
    It's likely to be temperature related,Tomato plants need to be kept between 12c and 30c or they cannot operate properly.
    I think your plants have had a hot sunny day then caught a chill.
    Try and keep the temperature more even and they'll recover.
    The compost does look quite wet too - maybe you just watered them. I always lift a pot to check its weight to see if it needs watering.

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