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Sloping sleeper bed



  • Daithi29Daithi29 Posts: 71
    That's a nice idea. Food for thought. Thanks a mil 👍
  • Quick question regarding the sleepers as I am looking at doing a sleeper bed. Do you pre treat the sleepers before hand or are they naturally rot resistant?
    And where did you buy them from? I'm looking for a length of atleast 6m
  • Daithi29Daithi29 Posts: 71
    Hey Bradley. They were pre treated when I bought them. I'm in Ireland, so just bought them from a local supplier in Dublin. They're 8ft sleepers 

  • tui34tui34 Posts: 3,289
    It's a good idea and you'll have fun planting it with shorter plants and taller plants!  You're the artist now and this is your blank canvas!
    A good hoeing is worth two waterings.

  • Did you dig a trench before hand or are they just resting on the grass? 
  • Daithi29Daithi29 Posts: 71
    tuikowhai34 that's a lovely sentiment. Thank you. So thinking tall plants on the right and smaller plants on the left so it becomes level over time. Reckon that would work? 
  • Daithi29Daithi29 Posts: 71
    bradleywood32 yes, I dug a little trench, only a few inches, then put course sand, levelled it and the sleepers are sitting on the sand
  • Would any sand work for that or would you recommend course sand/gravel?
    Also did you line the inside of the sleepers?
  • Daithi29Daithi29 Posts: 71
    I'd say course sand would be better, as anything softer would move and slip out over time. And yes, I lined the inside with bin bags before transferring the dirt in 
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