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Need help with growing a tree 🌳

hey all, I'm new to the forum, over the last few years I've really got into gardening, I have been trying to grow a tree for a few years, first by planting a sapling ( if that's the correct terminology) I purchased. In the fall last year me and my little girl picked acorns and conkers and planted them in pots, lo and behold one has sprouted but I have no idea what to do now, I will try and attach a photo graph. Should I support it by placing a stick and loose cable tie to keep the tree upright or just leave it be? Also what should i do in the winter months, bring it inside or put it in a shelterd area, basically if anyone has any advise they can give I would be very thankful for! Also does anyone know what tree it is is it an oak or conker or would it be too early on at the moment to decipher? I really hope its not a weed that's growing haha! Thank you in advance, regards, Paul


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