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Topiary trees with yellow leaves

We bought some topiary trees of a gardener on our estate who had some left over from the show homes, they came in pots, one I have re potted and 5 small cone shaped ones I have planted in a stone border with soil around the roots. They are all in direct sunlight. I have noticed yellow leaves on some of them some worse than others, I thought it maybe due to lack of water so I have watered them a lot this past week and given plant food however the leaves are still turning yellow. Apologies I do not know the type of topiary tree it is and I am an novice gardener. Anybody know what it could be and how I treat before they die? Thanks 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,107
    They're probably box, and they'll be very dehydrated. don't feed them - that won't help just now, and could make it worse.
    If you can post some photos that will help with further advice. Any new planting requires a lot of watering initially, especially in this dry spell.
    Click on the icon that looks like a mountain and follow the info for photo posting  :)
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  • lornawatters24lornawatters24 Posts: 3
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    This is the largest one at the front of the house I re pottedd this one into a terracotta pot which already had soil on but the soil is quite old could that make a difference?

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