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Birch tree

Hi everyone, is there any birch tree expert on here?? I need some advice  for my front garden please. 
I would like to keep a birch tree in a pot as it is too close to the house. 
Would anyone know of a good variety? I would ideally like is to grow to about 5/6 meters high to give a bit of a green view from this upstair’s bedroom. 
I have seen some in birch trees in pots in some London’s front gardens but don’t know the variety. 
Your help would be immensely appreciated. 

Many thank



  • Birch trees are not really suited to being kept in a container, they are naturally very large. However it is possible to obtain multi-stem Betula jacquemontii (Silver Birch) which, in the ground could reach a height of 8 metres. It would need a very large container if you are wanting it to grow to 5-6metres to allow for a good growth of roots.

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  • GreenbirdGreenbird Posts: 237
    I think Betula utilis (Himalayan Birch) is the one you're after. I believe Jacquemonthii is the variant which has the characteristic white bark at a young age.

    Betula pendula (Silver Birch) is our native birch which can get huge. 

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