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Peach (I think) leaf curl

nickdiligentnickdiligent Posts: 11
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I have a fruit tree which I've always thought was a peach. It's always had red/purple leaves though. Last year it had leaf curl and I cut the leaves back and they did grow back normally. This year, the same thing has happens and 90% of the purple leaves have curled. Can someone tell me it is actually a peach and if whether this will always happen every year? Thanks. Nick


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
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    There are indeed purple-leaved peaches, often sold as 'patio' peach trees.  The trick with peach-leaf curl is to avoid the leaves getting wet when they are young.  That may be easier said than done if the tree is in the ground.  If in a pot then you can keep them under cover (eg in a greenhouse) until about the end of May and only water the soil in the pot taking care to avoid wetting the leaves during that period.
    Some cultivation tips here:

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  • Thanks for the information. 
  • ConpjConpj Posts: 15
    That is Peach leaf curl, a fungal disease. Peaches will always get it, unless protected from rain. until Summer. Better grown in greenhouse or polytunnel. You might still get some peaches on ii
  • My peach tree is under a veranda and it’s got peach leaf curl which is very unusual as where it is it can’t be rained on. Must be a bad year for it. Valerie 
  • Oh no. It was a very wet winter so maybe that had an impact.
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