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Getting Excited

Its the first time I've had Bluetits reach the egg laying stage.  For the last three years I've had them build a nest in the same box then for some reason abandon it. I thought it maybe because the 25mm entrance hole was too small for the female to get through if she put on weight developing her eggs, that was my theory anyway. When I made this box I installed two small double glazed windows on either side of the box made from clear plastic and a hardwood frame. Why did I do that, imagine you are a bird approaching the nest box in bright sunlight, then you block out all daylight when you squeeze through the entrance, you can't possibly see where your chicks are or where you'll land unless you have a window.  Whether  you think its a good idea or I'm totally bonkers feel free to install windows in your next box as I wont be taking out a patent.          


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,157
    I don't think birds think like us and they probably see better in the dark and have more instinct. Birds and animals use a lot of body language. I think the windows make them feel insecure. They want to be in a hidden place in the dark where they feel safer from predators.
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  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,182
    Windows are used in camera nest boxes but they tend to be opaque. A good nest box will have more than one entrance hole though which solves the light issue and even single hole boxes have ventilation gaps which let in sufficient light. One of my more popular boxes has 3 holes but 2 is more common. The great tits love the 3 hole box. Blue tits always seem to favour boxes with one hole and less light though. Was your 25mm hole well sanded? Sometimes if the wood is rough it can damage the feathers and they give up on it.
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  • BluesBlues Posts: 49
    I'm sure you're right Lizzie, after all birds have been nesting successfully in bird boxes without windows ever since we invented them.  I was thinking about making a two story nest box for my next project with a fully pumped central heating system installed but I don't think I've allowed enough room for the boiler. (why can't I get a smiley face emoji to work on here) 
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