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can i use this compost?

Hello People, I do hope you are all keeping well.
Help please,   I am getting rather short on "normal" compost but do have 2  unopened bags
of ericaceous compost which will probably not be used this year.  Can I use this ericaceous
for pricking out seedlings and repotting bigger plants as it will be a lot more convenient than getting out to buy  multi-purpoe or similar. (And cheaper!) I was unsure of which category touse, but this one seems the busiest.  Thanks and stay safe.


  • Personally, I wouldn't use Ericaceous Compost for seedlings. It is specifically for plants which do not tolerate lime, and not the right formula for young plants.
    You can safely use it to pot on plants which require that medium of course.
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  • Thanks for your reply yorkshirerose. I got the ericaceous compost earlier this year to re-pot 4 large rhododendrons into even bigger pots, so thought i could use up the spare bags while it was fresh. I'll pass it on to a neighbour .  I thought it would save money and the problem of how and where to get the "normal" compost.  Never mind, it was worth the try! Thanks again, and stay safe.
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