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My beautiful new red robins

Hi all I recently started my front garden projects.. one week I did my side garden and out in 8 beautiful red robins and even under the windy c conditions none of them skipped a beat. The following week I planted the other garden full of 4 beautiful plants a tad bit more mature than the first however under better planting conditions 3 of the 4 plants seem to look miserable and very droopy.. what have I done wrong? And can I fix the problem? 


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    Hello Samando and welcome to the forum. It can help to identify problems if a picture is uploaded but I suspect from your description, about the plants being more mature may give a slight clue. Mature plants take longer to establish than young plants. I do not know where you are in the country but we have had quite a spell now without any good rainfall so it may just be that the plants are suffering because of that. Try giving lots of extra water and see if that helps.
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