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Overgrown climbers 🤔

I recently moved to a cottage and inherited a very overgrown garden. Due to lock down I have had Time to start on it ,but I do have very overgrown climbers, and not to sure what else to be honest. Need some advice please ,Sorry about quality of pictures 😊9


  • Aero84Aero84 Posts: 57
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    im no expert but the bottom photo looks like you have a camellia with something growing over it. The camellia is the flowering tree. If you plan to keep it then I would trim back the climber.

    Regarding the others, I don’t think they look like climbers, rather large shrubs. The second could possibly be a buddleia, if it is then it’s pretty resilient and I believe flowers on new growth so you could give that a good trim back without causing major harm. I’d do a google search first though to make sure they are the same plant as the photos are not great.

    As it’s a new garden to you, albeit with well established plants, id be tempted to wait until later in the spring/summer so you can suss out with more certainty what you have got, decide if you like it and then act accordingly. I’m impatient though so would really struggle with this, especially with all the time we currently have to look at it lol. 
  • Thankyou for your comments ,think you may be right in waiting to see What plants look like over the next few weeks or so ,Will repost Better photos in due course 👍
  • FireFire Posts: 18,993
    I would wait a year before taking anything out. Do some good id first. The camellia is lovely. Good quality photos are very helpful for id.
  • Hello everyone. Thought I go a take some more pictures. 1st 2 pictures growing together 
    Next 4 pictures growing together. 
    A little better photos 🌞
  • Aero84Aero84 Posts: 57
    First two are definitely a camellia and a weigela. Neither are climbers. Personally I like both and would keep them. I’ve only got young weigelas in my garden but my mother has a large one, similar in colouring to yours and she just cuts it back each year to the size she wants and away it goes again. 

    The others I’m afraid I do not know. 
  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,714
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    1. Left.Camellia
    1. Right Weigela.
    2. Left...?
    2. Right..Lonicera..shrubby one..not a climber.
    Maybe...Lonicera  xylosteum...common name Fly honeysuckle.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Thankyou, very helpful information,  Time to study some gardening books 👍 enjoy you lovely group 😁
  • I will be pruning it down letter in the year now .the birds and bees are enjoying the flowers so much. And yes the 2nd lot of photos  taken about an hour ago 🌞
  • Sorry spell checker is doing it own thing. 
  • Aero84Aero84 Posts: 57
    Both my weigelas are also flowering now. I’d wait until it’s finished flowering and then give it a trim into the shape/height you want. I really like them as shrubs and as your say FreshStart the birds and bees love them. 
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