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Landscaping the garden

Hi there,
We plan to install sleeper beds, for both flowers and veg, around the edges of our garden (400mm height, ranging from 0.5-2m width in some parts) resting straight onto the ground. The back is an old wall, and the two sides are fenced. On one side we have established bushes of hydrangea and Kerria japonica, with a magnolia tree in the corner. On the other we have a common box bush, a rowan tree and bamboo, all of which, I plan not to get rid of unless desperately required to! We weren't going to put a backing on the raised bed at the wall, however we weren't too sure on what to use at the fences. Is it best to use sleepers at the back as well? If this is the case, it means moving the established growth. How is this best carried out (I would hope to replant)?
So many questions, so little time!


  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,241
    If you can get them, 6' x 1' concrete boards will have the best durability but, in the two parts with fences behind, beware of leaving a small gap between bed and fence where leaves and other detritus can accumulate and rot the fence.  It's almost impossible to clear such spaces.
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