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Help I think I have killed my lawn

I Recently moved to a new house with a garden with a lawn (I've not had a lawn before so I was all excited about it)  while the lawn looked really nice on closer inspection  its half filled with moss,  so I bough some lawn feed and moss/weed killer  "After Cut" and put it down a week ago, but now there are big black patches on the lawn,  I think I have put to much down and its burnt the grass. 

Will it recover, and can I do anything to help it on its way.  I have grass seed but not sure if I should put this down now or leave it a few weeks?   I have watered the lawn regularly, in the hope that it will help it recover.  I have also scarified the lawn.


  • KT53KT53 GloucestershirePosts: 7,564
    The black patches are where the moss has been killed off.  It can look bad for a while but will recover.
  • TomW79TomW79 Posts: 12
    There is some black where the moss has died,  but some of the grass is black also,  I think the problem is I spread it by hand and did it unevenly so some areas have had to much. 
  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 11,021
    Hello Thomas, welcome :) 
    Have you raked out all the blackened moss yet ? This will give you some idea of the scale of the problem. Moss killer doesn't really solve the cause of the problem,  that's more of a long term thing.
    Once you've raked the dead moss out, you can think about reseeding, but the damage to the grass itself l am not sure about. 
    Can you post a photo or two,  maybe a general one and then one of the damage to the grass ?
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,201
    Hi @thomaswood79 - it's most likely that you've just put on too much. You're not the first person to do it - and you want be the last, so don't worry! The best way is to get some canes and string [or similar] and mark out a metre, then mark, and fill a small container with the correct amount and spread it. You soon get a feel of the right amount to use, and it's often better to do half the amount going in one direction, and the other half in the opposite one. 
    Good advice from the others, but it might also be worse if you've put it onto grass that's already dry. The ground needs to be damp for using these granular products.  :)

    Photos would help though - and even if there isn't much grass left, it's still not the end of the world- you can sow some seed in a few weeks time.  :)

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  • TomW79TomW79 Posts: 12

  • TomW79TomW79 Posts: 12
    I’ve raked out half the lawn so far
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,201
    I've seen worse - trust me!
    Once you get some rainfall, it'll be fine  :)
    Don't cut it too short either. Little and often is key, especially when the conditions have been so dry. Keeping it a little longer helps the grass to thrive.
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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