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Help For Taking Cuttings and Replanting

In current situation we are trying to work with what is already in our garden (not planted by us but previous residents). Can cuttings be taken from either of these two plants now and planted elsewhere in garden immediately? We are not even certain of what they are! We have lots of gaps and want fast growing space fillers that hopeless but enthusiastic gardeners can work with. Don't really want to have to propagate anything first. Also don't want slug loving plants either! Any advice of how and when (preferably now!) to cut replant. Photo attached. Thanks


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,454
    I'm pretty sure that your taller plant is a pieris, although which one l don't know. Cuttings are usually taken early to mid Summer. More information here
    The shorter plant is a hellebore, must admit l have never taken hellebore cuttings, but l believe they can be divided.  Hopefully someone who has done this can advise  :)
  • Thanks I'll look this up immediately!
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,762
    Hellebores are quite easy from seed, but you can chop into big ones and split them.

    You can do cuttings from the pieris, but you can't just put them in the ground.
    You can sometimes layer them as they often have stems lying near the ground. Peg a bit down, rubbing off a little of the outer layer of bark, and when rooted, you can separate from the parent plant. However - they won't magically be big plants. They take several years to be a foot or two even with ideal conditions.
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,007
    Let the hellebore flowers set seed then gather them and sow them.  When they're big enough you can plant them out in the garden where you want more.  If you want to divide the clump and replant it, you need to wait till autumn. 
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  • @Fairygirl Thanks. It seems to have grown really fast since we moved here (pieris) and it looks really pretty, but really we are too amateurish and impatient to attempt propagation. We probably should have asked instead what plants are easy to take cuttings from, quick growing and immediately replant for hopeless gardeners! (acidic clay soil)
  • @Obelixx - thank you. They do produce a lot of seeds and takes an almost dried flower appearance in autumn (can you tell we have no idea what we're doing!)
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,834
    Your lovely pieris is probably about 30 years old so isn't the best candidate for a rapid space filler. In general be careful with anything which can fill space rapidly, it won't stop when the gap is filled and will become a big problem in time.
  • @steephill Thanks for your advice. We've inherited a fairly large garden with this house and are, frankly, out of our depth! Every plant seems to have different rules for cuttings, cutting back etc. Sure you are right about the age of this plant  - there are lots of mature plants but we don't really know what to do with them (as our previous posts will show!) But we still have lots of gaps to fill and want some easy fast growers for novices. 
  • @Hexagon thanks, great advice. With the spirea do you mean you put it in a pot for a while first, or replant it immediately? We have lots of big plants and would be great to know what splits well and grows quickly.  Thank you!
  • @Hexagon - thank you. Will do this! All advice appreciated.
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