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Olive tree sick?

Any suggestions welcome - I’ve had a potted olive tree for about three years. This is the first year it has lost virtually all its leaves 

ive generally watered once per month through winter and slightly more in warmer weather. I live in N.Ireland and like everywhere, it’s been a wetter, milder winter than usual. Did a relatively limited pruning in September which is admittedly later than planned. 

There do appear to be a few new buds so really hoping he’ll come back. Slightly ominous looking black spot on the few remaining leaves. 

Is all lost?? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I think you should be watering your plant a lot more now. I recommend every 3 days now and less when it cools down. Growing in a container means they will need watering unlike grown in the ground. Perhaps the container is now too small?

    There is life there. Make sure the soil is a loam-based soil like John Innes No 2. The leaves do look a little weak but at this time of year, they do start to form new leaves, especially if older leaves have dropped off. 
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