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Sickly tree

Hello gardeners. My niece in Ireland planted this tree about 5 years ago. It's been sickly ever since. She's lost the label and doesn't know why it's practically leafless and flowerless. It gets plenty of sun. Could it be planted in too wet a location? Thanks in advance.


  • BusylizBusyliz Posts: 144
    Anyone got any thoughts on this sad looking prunus I think?
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    Looks like a red-leaved flowering cherry or similar prunus.  It could simply be that birds (pigeons and bullfinches in particular) have been eating the buds over the winter.  Those long branches with leaves only at the ends are absolutely typical of that happening.  One of my gages gets the same happening but they leave the others pretty much alone, so it must be their favourite.
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  • BusylizBusyliz Posts: 144
    Thanks all. I'll feed back to her.
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