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New Kojo No Mai tree are these branches dead?

Aero84Aero84 Posts: 57
Good evening, 

Today my long awaited Mother’s Day gift arrived which I was very pleased about. However upon taking it out of the box there seem to be quite a few of the lower branches with dried leaves. 

I’ve given it a good soaking and will keep it well watered as I suspect that this is part of the problem. What I’d like to know is are these branches still alive and will recuperate with proper watering/space etc or are they goners and should I prune them from the tree now? 

I would also be happy for any tips on how to care for the tree. I plan to plant it in a large pot against an east facing wall.

Here are some pictures to help. 


  • pansyfacepansyface Posts: 21,898
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    Yes, I bought one a couple of years ago when it was in bloom. Shortly after the flowers faded a few of the branches died. I had no idea why. But then someone else said that this particular tree is prone to doing that from time to time. 

    Mine is in a largish pot (for the size of the tree) and I keep it on a west facing wall. Since its first hiccup it has behaved itself and I have not seen another dieback incident. It flowered like crazy this year.

    So far as the prune/don’t prune idea goes, I’d play it by ear. Wait and see if they really are dead and then act.

    Good luck with yours.
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