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Should I use a Liner with raised bed onto the ground? Plus beds soil advice.

Hi Everyone

I’m putting some raised beds into a spot on the garden that can get quite weed infested with thuggish Bracken. The beds will be laid onto the earth but I’m wondering if it would be wise to place either a porous liner or some weed membrane on the bottom of them to keep the weeds away and help retain water?
I appreciate this will leave the veg roots less depth to travel down but I’ll try to plant accordingly to the depth I have in the beds only.

What would be your thoughts on this please? Membrane / Liner or not?

Also, what is the preferred mix of soil for veg beds? One company that sells soil online has suggested either 100% General Veg and Fruit Top Soil or 90% of this plus 10% All Purpose compost for additional nutrients. 
I want to give the veg the very best chance of growing with my less-than-green fingers so want to get this right!

Look forward to your comments.

Many thanks 😊


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,952
    Bracken will grow through most membranes.
    You'd need that industrial stuff to stop it. 
    I'd agree with @philippa smith2 re the medium for your veg. It depends totally on what you want to grow. Carrots, for example, need quite poor soil.
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