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Demoss/deweed Lawn and sew new seed

Hi everyone, first time poster here. 

I have recently started to rejuvenate the garden lawn. My aim is to get it looking like a full lush lawn. I have applied complete 4 in 1 in attempt to kill off the weeds and moss which take up about 50%. 


After 3 days:

After 13 days: 

The first few days were promising and the moss blackened but around 2 weeks later the weeds still look like they're resisting the treatment and I was expecting everything to continue to die! 

Pics of weeds currently: 

I used the 4 in 1 with caution as reviews said putting too much on can scorch the healthy grass. But now I'm wondering if I should have put it on liberally...

Should I scarify what is there with my new wolf garten moss tool and use some more 4 in 1.. Or should I leave it and see if they die? 

Extra question - when the weeds are gone and I have aerated and dethatched, should I sew the same amount of seed across all of the lawn including the patch that looks healthy? 

Advice please, thanks in advance! 

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