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Yucca identification and help

adambates1992adambates1992 Posts: 1
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I brought this yucca last spring and it’s doing really well! It has 3 new plants growing from the base. I’m new to gardening and have no idea what species it is so if anyone could help? 

Also last year I cut the flower stalk as much as possible but I can’t remove anymore, will the remaining stalk affect this years growing through? I’m pretty sure I can see it coming already but I’m struggling to fully remove the stalk 😂 will it fall off in time? 

Thanks for any help 


  • When I moved here about 12 years ago there was a Yucca (Variegated) in the garden.  Within a couple of years it started to grow small Yuccas around the base of the trunk.
    I cut these off where they met the root and planted one in a 6inch pot in garden soil and the other directly in the ground near the "parent".  The one in the pot died but the one in the ground flourished and has flowered a couple of times.  So I now have two Yuccas.  But, the "parent" has now got much too big for its location (the trunk is about 12inches in diameter) so, with some regret, I think I will soon be saying "goodbye" to it. 
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