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How often to water Japanese acer?

Hey folks,

I have a japanese acer in the garden, bought last summer and put in a large container.  How often should I be watering this?  Now the leaves are out when it rains the container wouldn't be getting much if any water other than from watering directly.

Currently I'm giving it a good soak every 4-5 days.

When first put in the container I used a layer of gravel at the bottom, soil with some plant food pellets mixed in. Should I be adding some more pellets this year?


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,438
    Don't let it dry out but also don't keep it too wet. If you've got the soil and drainage right though it's not a hard balance to achieve. Normally you'd remove the gravel from the top in the spring and give it a rinse and clean, then remove the top couple of centimeters of soil and replace with a top-dress of John Innes No3, and then replace the gravel. Liquid feeds in spring will probably be better than slow release granules but don't over do it. Too much sappy growth will attract aphids. Next spring I would re-pot into a larger container.
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    Before I gave up and planted mine out, I was watering it two or three times a day in the summer.
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    I agree about it needing re-potting and also think it's in too sunny a spot.  Any wind will also dry out the foliage.  It looks fine on its current watering regime but be sure to increase it when things warm up.

    I recently planted out 6 of my potted acres in a new shady bed.   That leaves me one in a new and bigger pot.   Last summer they were watered daily - and not just a dribble -  during hot spells even tho they were in the shade on the north side of the house.

    All y pots get an annual top dressing of pelleted manure plus some fresh compost and occasional liquid feeds because the nutrients in compost only last 90 days.  After that it is dependent on you for extra food.
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  • Thanks for comments, some very useful info.

    I was considering using a larger container, I want this to ideally gain at least another metre in height. This'll probably have to wait until next year now.

    It is sunny in this corner at the moment, later in the day it will be out of the sun.
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