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Planting out Dahlias

When is the best time to plant out my Dahlias into the ground? (I am in Oxfordshire) and I am looking to plant up two tubers into pots....


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    When the risk of frost has definitely passed, for planting straight in the ground and the same for outdoor pots. You can start them all off in 3L pots if you have a frost-free greenhouse, poly tunnel or even a windowsill or end of the kitchen table to temporarily house them, then transplant outside late May/June, when they have grown well and the roots are filling the pots.
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  • Thanks Nollie,

    I was looking for something to do this morning and hoped

    Currently taking them out of the garage each morning and placing them in the sunshine

  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    If you already have them in all in pots, probably a while to go yet. Know the feeling though, it’s pouring with rain here and I’m stuck inside!
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  • Bless you hope it clears up soon
  • @StillLearning most of mine are in 3L pots on a windowsill, but i do have a couple in large, outdoor pots. I do the same as you - they come outside during the day and live in the garage overnight. They've sprouted much slower than the indoor ones but they're coming along nicely :)

  • Hi @jonathanmichell23 these are the ones in pots which seem to be coming on well

  •  @jonathanmichell23 although have trialled doing what my neighbour does and left 2 in the ground over winter well mulched and covered if a frost is on its way.... small signs appeared over the last weekend

  • @StillLearning looking good! Are those 4 on the left from cuttings? I'm waiting for some pots to be delivered today so i can take some cuttings and share the lockdown love with my neighbours.
  • @jonathanmichell23 not brave enough to do cuttings they are from tubers lifted last year
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,511
    If you don’t already, stilllearning, I would cover those little sprouting ones in the ground overnight - mine in the ground came up really early (even for my location) and they got caught by frost. 
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