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Which Grass seed for lawn? And other new lawn questions

men8ifrmen8ifr Posts: 6
I think I have every problem in my current lawn:
loss of grass in shady areas - edges
loss of grass in sunny areas, this may be partially due to ants and/or moss 

So what grass seed should I get for my new lawn? 

I'm edging towards something for the shade hoping problems for sunny areas are ants and/or moss (if moss is dying in the summer leaving bare patches) 

But it's just a garden in the midlands with shady areas near the edges, bushes etc and areas more in the middle do not have shade.. 

I looked here as an example:

but not sure what's best except I don't like the thicker coarser paler type grass (ryegrass?) 

And most mistures have that in, but then the grass in the pictures (all of them) looks very nice!
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