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Help! No blossom in buds

Due to moving house a couple of years ago, we had to buy a new ornamental cherry tree. It's a prunus Royal Burgundy. It seems to have a problem in that the buds form but there doesn't seem to be any flower. There are a few cherry trees in the area and we have tried to improve the soil in the garden since moving in with fertiliser. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,177
    Is the soil dry below the surface?  Quite often dryness and the roots causes flower buds to dry and not open.  Your tree is planted quite close to a fence which can produce a 'rain shadow' and although we may have had a wet winter the soil close to the fence may actually be quite dry.  I would give it three buckets of water today ... and two more twice a week for the rest of the spring and summer.  
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  • Thanks, I'd read that it may be dryness in the early spring. We have only completed garden towards the end of September last year but I could dig a larger, deeper border out of that part and maybe (very carefully) move the tree forward so it's further away from the fence. As you can see from the pics we are very overlooked and when we moved in the garden had a wall of large conifers all of the way round! I was hoping it would help to screen- albeit in a few years! I'm very new to garden design as my other garden just evolved over time. Thanks for your advice. 
  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,601
    When you want to improve the soil, especially if you have removed conifers recently, pile on loads of well rotted manure, not fertiliser. This will build up the health, texture and fertility.
  • Than you, I've recently bought some manure to try so 🤞It will help. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next year for the tree. We did leave the soil for a good year before planting anything but kept turning it over and using Richard Jacksons natural fertiliser. Just waiting on manure so I'll be hopeful. Thanks again I'm grateful for all advice. 

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