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Polytunnels - cleaning, wood treatment, ventilation etc.

Hi all

It's a bit late to be getting to round sorting my polytunnel, but better late than never as they say :)  I've not used it before as I moved into the house last year.  And I'm totally new to ploytunnels.

1.  Cleaning.  I have some Agralan Citrox for cleaning but the instructions are sparse.  Does anyone know how to use it?  Should it be used like a normal soap and then rinsed off?  Or sprayed on and left to do it's thing?

2.  Should I use the Citrox for the outside of the PT as well? 

3. I need to re-treat the timber sections...  Can anyone recommend a suitable product to use?  Seems the wood gets quite dry on the inside, so I need to bear that in mind along with the weatherproofing.  

4.  Might be a silly question, but do gaps matter?  The doors are quite ill fitting, so there's reasonable sized gaps around them.  Is that an issue?  Is it a case of the more air tight the better?  

Many thanks  :) 


  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 1,154
    3 -- I can recommend Cuprinol Quick Drying that we use about every 3 years on our bird table and lasts well.  I don't like PTs so I'll leave others to answer the other sections for you.
  • January ManJanuary Man Posts: 212
    Sorry nick, forgot to return to say thanks for your reply.  Perhaps most of the other people around here feel the same about PTs!  :)  

    Regarding #1.  I did got a response from the makers of Citrox and they said it should be sprayed and left on - not rinsed off.  Just thought I'd mention that in case it is helpful to anyone else who's unsure how to use it.  

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