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I am new in gardening and I need help for Maple and Fern in pots


I just bought 3 plants and I would like to keep them alive (unlike other cases before). SO this time i promise to myself that I will take care in the replanting and take it really serious. But i need some help. We live in Amsterdam and i want to grow this plants in the pots since it will be on our balcony

I bought:
1. Maple (40 cm) and 2. Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum - Japanese Jewels (30cm)
i put it in the (half) shade for now. I need to replant it but can some of you advise me which  size pot should I use and which type of ground? And how often should be watered? And which activities should i do through the year to keep it growing (re-planting/new ground/type of feedings, should it be covered or inside in winter etc).
3. Dicksonia antartica (half shadow)
it is big but with few branches... So i will need the same advise as above.

I hope you can help me to give them the right start and to keep them alive for the next years:)

Thanks in advance, and every advise is welcomed...

Best, Jana


  • Thanks for your answer Philippa !

    We are living on the 1st floor and the balcony is like 20m2 4 walls protected space and it just doesent have a top:) it is south east orientation but we have shady sports where I hide the plants :smiley:

    I moved them from the wind :) step one!

    I read that the Acers like acid ground with PH 7 so I am going to search for that type of ground.

    Best, Jana

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,242
    Don't over pot the Acers either. 
    If they're in 6 inch pots, for example, just go up an inch or so. If you put them into too big a pot, the new, fine  roots end up sitting in too much wet soil.  :)
    They do like to be kept on the damp side, but make sure they also have good drainage.
    Out of the winds as @philippa smith2 says - that dries out foliage, but also the soil in the pots.
    They only need neutral to acid soil. In pots, you need a soil based medium, not just compost, so try and find a John Innes compost, or something similar. They are loam [soil]  based. You can then add some ericaceous compost to the mix.
    A mulch of bark is also good for helping retain moisture. A good watering, then add that, if you can get it, and they won't need watering for a few days, but it's not vital if you can't get any. A little layer of gravel is also fine.
    Don't water with a trickle every day - that isn't good for plants in pots. Water thoroughly  :)
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