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Rudbeckia not germinating

I planted Rudbeckia Gstrom seeds in Feb and end of March - both batches have not germinated.  I covered the seeds with a fine thin layer of seed compost - does anyone know why I have no plants this year please?


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,353
    Do you mean R.goldsturm
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    S.Yorkshire/Derbyshire border
  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671
    Sowed way to early and did you have them heated.
  • DebConnDebConn Posts: 4
    Hi punkdoc yes I do
  • DebConnDebConn Posts: 4
    Hi Andy this is my first year of owning a greenhouse so apologies for asking what do you mean did I heat them?
  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
    I sowed some rubekia and the germination rate was low plus the seedlings seem slow to get a move on but I'm hoping they will get there. 

    I used a propagator with bottom heat and they are now in a mini greenhouse. Have you got some more seed to have another go now it's warmed up? 
  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 671
    Hi deb no problem we are all still learning everyday in life. Seeds can be a hit or miss sometimes as everyone has experienced in gardening. Don't let it put you off its great growing things from seed instead of buying you appreciate it more good luck.
  • DebConnDebConn Posts: 4
    Thanks Andy, I'll keep trying - really enjoying it at the moment (even the failures!) Good to know it's not just me.
  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    February is very early to be starting seeds, they may have rotted if they were too cold and damp.  Now is a great time to resow if you have more seeds......
  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058
    I find Rudbekia sometimes ‘iffy’ to germinate too, like last year. This year 50% germinated. So don’t worry but agree don’t start sowing so early...March is fine for them. 
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