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Really need your help - Poorly Red Emperor Acer

I think I’ve killed my Red Emperor Acer. I’ve moved into a new home and over the past 2 years has been working on creating a garden to be proud of. One of the things I’ve always wanted is a stunning Acer so one of the first things I bought was a 6ft Acer. I did research and planted it in sun which had shade at different points of the day. What I didn’t know at the time was how waterlogged the soil gets when it rains so much. The soil is very clay and it just sits on top for days. The Acer showed leaf the first year and again last year however I also noticed the wind was scorching the leaves so started to take more Interest in it this year. I took the decision to take it out of the soil and pot it somewhere more sheltered after I couldn’t see any sign of life this spring. When I took it out of the ground the roots haven’t progressed since I planted it. It just basically came out the way I put it in! I’ve got rid of the water clay soil around the roots and replanted it in a big pot in shelter but a bit of sun. It’s only been a week so I know I’m maybe impatient to see some signs of life but I think I’m too late. I’m a new gardener out of my depth to be honest and hoping I can get some clarity for you as gurus and experts. I’ve taken photos to show. Have I killed the Acer? 😟 


  • BijdezeeBijdezee BPosts: 1,484
    I dont think they like heavy clay at all. Also exposed windy areas or scorching bright sun. Can be rather fussy but that depends on the variety.

    I have two in large pots. One purple/red and one orange/lime green. I just repotted the orange one. That's the fussiest one.

    I think its a wait and see thing. If leaves break out on some areas and not others then it's just a matter of removing dead wood. A feed of liquid seaweed might be helpful. Hope it's OK. Must have cost a lot at 6ft. 
  • SmilejenSmilejen Posts: 3
    Thanks for the comment. Yeah it wasn’t cheap and one of those purchases that makes such a difference and we had lots of comments. I’ll try seaweed liquid and if you think it’s a wait and see thing I’ll just keep an eye on it. I just hope I’m not too late 😢
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