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Achillea and osteospermum cuttings

Hi everyone

So I have to decided to try and take some cuttings of my achillea moonshine and osteospermum. Both plants had flower buds on that I’ve done my best to remove. Looking at the picture, do they look as though they’ve been done correctly? Sadly I have no bag to cover them with. 

Many thanks


  • viv21viv21 Posts: 3
    They look fine to me, how long ago did you take them ? could have pushed them further down into pots, and covering would begood, as you cant, perhaps give them a spray...keep compost  on the dry side and after a couple of weeks check if they have rooted
  • gardenman91gardenman91 Posts: 429
    Hi Viv, I can definitely push them down a bit further. I watered them in slightly. It is in seed and cutting compost with some added perlite.
  • viv21viv21 Posts: 3
    They should be be fine Margaret,,your using a good compost mix, fingers crossed
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