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Rose problem help with diagnosis

I have a climbing rose. Leaves are becoming warped and curling. Underneath they are developing reddish patches. I removed some sections which had dry mould on the other day and also sprayed the plan with insecticide/fungicide. I saw some dead aphids. But the problem seems to be persisting. It is a very old climbing rose. Cut back hard at the beginning of the year and has been growing vigorously the past few weeks. I've been watering every day. Any ideas on what is causing the leaf symptoms and how I can fix?


  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,324
    Well the first thing I would suggest is to put away the sprays for now and tackle the underlying issue which is the growing conditions. Your rose might be a tough old thing, but it would really appreciate some space and tlc, especially now you are asking it to regrow afresh.

    The surrounding area, right up to the base, is very congested with other plants (is that a honeysuckle next door?) weeds, ivy and leaf litter and possibly poor airflow - all the ideal breeding ground for all sorts of fungal diseases, plenty of cover for lurking pests and a lot of competition for soil nutrients and water. 

    Once you have carefully weeded and cleared away a good circle of clean soil around the base of the rose and cut back any crossing branches from the nearby climber, gently work in some slow-release fertiliser like blood fish and bone or pelleted chicken manure in a circle around it, not in direct contact with the stems at the base, give it a really good water, a couple of large cans, then mulch around it with some fresh organic material, such as well-rotted, bagged manure (again, not in direct contact with the base) or some compost.

    You can snip off any diseased or damaged leaves and with the above treatment, it will get a new lease of life - you will be helping to improve it’s general health and to fight off future fungal diseases and insect attack.

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