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Hello everyone I'm a new bee on here I have planted Portuguese laural in October could anyone tell me how much u wud water them in dry weather like this each week as ground looks wild dry? also they are quite long should I cut them back to help them spread out a little at bottom & get more bushy?? Any help wud be greatly appreciated thanks.😃


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    You can cut some of the tips down by around a third and keep watering every other day, never from the top, but directly at the base. If it has been raining hold back a bit. Try to lay a thick layer of bark chip mulch all over the border. This will help to seal in the moisture during the summer months.
  • Thanks very much yeah I watered them on Thursday so will water them today again how much water wud u say just a little or a gud watering can for each plant there's around 80 plants up along that hedge, I will cut them back today also & will send few pics later,will get some mulch on Monday and put it round the base of them then I'm not a big gardener so any help is greatly appreciated 👍
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    With 80 plants, it may take some time to water. Having a thick layer of mulch down may help you cut down on the watering later in the year. This is a rough estimate, but a minimum of half a bucket on each plant. Rising to a full bucket each plant in the summer months. To conserve water and make sure your plants gets the maximum out of the watering, stick to early mornings or late evenings, especially in the summer months.
  • How long wud it take on til they r established before u can stop watering them in the summer months maybe a year I no that might seem like silly question but am new to this gardening as only moved to this new house a year ago 😀 Also when u are putting down the mulch wud u put plastic down 1st or no plastic at all?
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    Not sure what you mean by plastic. Just pour the mulch over the soil. Lay it on at least 2 inches thick. Normally, shrubs need a bit of help for the first 2-3 years in regards to watering. Hard to advise as sometimes, there are extremes in weather which is what has happened the last few years, so I would say around 3 years if this is now likely to be the norm. But no need to stick to it religiously. As long as you keep it watered especially in the warm months, the shrubs should be fine.
  • Thanks also there's few plants have few brown spots on the leaves I just cut the leaves off incase they r a disease of some sort but maybe could be the watering issue?? 
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    Yes, prune them off if you want. Portuguese Laurels are generally good shrubs that can do well in sun or shade once they have established. 
  • So it wudn't be a disease or anything to worry about
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    I would not worry about that for now. You need to concentrate on getting their roots to grow into the soil. A strong plant will more likely fight off most pests and diseases. Being a young plant, any blemish will always be amplified.
  • What about feeding them before put mulch down someone told me to feed them a tomato feed? But I wudn't be that sure,sorry to be torturing you am sure u have better things to be doing.
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