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New build “lawn”

Hi all,

apologies if this is covered elsewhere, if it is please can you point to where. 

I moved into a new build property in November and was told that the lawn would be rolled out. I have since had the front garden rolled and I am happy with it. However the back garden has become quite an eyesore so have decided to tackle it myself given it is unlikely to be sorted anytime soon. 

I’ve attached a picture below showing the original state of the soil before I attacked it. The soil is typical new build in that it’s just been dumped from the next site to fill in the ground. 

I’ve tackled it with a spade to break it all up and freshen it up. I’ve removed a lot of rubble that sat within the first foot below the surface. 

My plan is to flatten it out, break the large clumps down into finer top level soil, put down some fertiliser and grass seed. 

Likely evident from the above that I’m a novice and making it up as I go along. The short term aim is to have a decent back garden that I can learn to look after moving forward. 

Is there anything else I should be doing? I’ve looked at getting bulk topsoil but not sure if this that is needed given to the soil I have is being broken down? 

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