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Compost for raised veg beds

Hi everyone, I recently got some new raised beds for veg, and ordered some mushroom compost to fill them. There are two problems, one is that the amount seems to be short of the 1000 litres I ordered - by my calculations, going on the capacity of the beds there are only about 680 litres! I bought from CPA horticulture. I wondered if anyone else had experience of this? My second worry is that although it looks good quality stuff (to my untrained eye!) with plenty of well rotted manure, it seems more suitable for a mulch than growing medium - the texture is very light and open, if you put your hand down in it, it feels a bit like styrofoam peanuts! Ok slight exaggeration...I certainly don’t think that seeds would germinate in it, but fear that even pot grown seedlings would not be able to get their roots down. Or I could be wrong, they might love it! As I have two raised beds yet to fill, should I order some topsoil or some other compost and combine both kinds in all beds? I have read that topsoil is too heavy for raised beds, though these are from the Gardening Works, I have had one for at least ten years and in perfect condition, they are very sturdy. (I used bagged compost which had a finer texture and peas and courgettes grew fine.) Any help greatly appreciated, save me from veggie growing disaster!


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,923
    I use two thirds screened topsoil and one third rotted farmyard manure for raised veg beds ... well mixed. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • VeronVeron Posts: 11
    Thanks...I wasn’t able to add any topsoil as I was ill but some peas which I had sowed came up so I reckon I can make do with the mushroom compost. I have sown more peas into it, plus seed potatoes and will plant out tomato seedlings when big enough. Not ideal but hopefully good enough!
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