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Best topsoil and turf for shaded garden?

Hi- looking for some advice! 

We are part way through preparing the ground in our garden to lay turf. We are currently clearing the area, removing weeds and stones and rotavating the existing soil. 

The first thing to flag is that we are on a bit of a tight budget ... so can't afford the "best" of anything unfortunately.

The existing soil isn't in great condition and we are planning on adding a few inches of topsoil before turfing but aren't sure what topsoil type or which suppliers are best? Does anyone have any recommendations for turfing topsoil that works well? 

We also have quite a lot of shade in one half of our garden that doesn't get much sun and is partly covered by a large fir tree. We were therefore wondering whether there are certain types of turf that would do better in shade and again for any specific recommended products?

Really grateful for any advice/recommendations- we want to give this our best shot!



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,963
    I've bought topsoil and manure from this company and I've been pleased with both.

    Best of luck with your project

    Billericay - Essex

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