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Can you guess just based on my description?

sabeehasabeeha Posts: 344

Anyone want to take a guess at identifying my shrub/slim ‘tree’?

Im trying to remember the name but it’s not coming :(

It has disappointing foliage which comes into its own in autumn when the leaves go a beautiful reddish orange/deep orange.

Its currently in blossom - pink blossoms but not prunus/cherry blossom etc 

It’s leaves are slightly elongated.

Ive googled but to no avail.

I will post a photo in daylight if no one guesses it, but I think the colour of leaves and the fact it’s pretty meh (?) most of the year should ring a few bells!

I just wanted to read into how to prune it and the name has gone from my head.

In my mind it began with an F but I’m not sure...

Thank you!



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