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Brachyglottis pruning advice...

Hi all,

I’m looking for some guidance on pruning a brachyglottis.

Firstly, is it the right time of year to be pruning? Baring in mind I live in northern Scotland and our seasons tend to be a month or so behind what they are down in the south...

Secondly, I am really worried that if I prune it I won’t get any flowers this year and it’s one of the only things in my garden that produces flowers.

Thirdly, it’s become quite unruly and I really want to cut it right back but I am worried that it looks rather woody underneath the top foliage and will be left looking like a mass of sticks with nothing left.

Lastly, do I need to be strategic in pruning or can I essentially take a chainsaw to it to obtain the desired size and shape?

Thank you in advance for any advice - pics to follow to assist in helping!

Aidan :)


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