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plant disease?

I have a Brachyglottis compacta hedge/ border but first one now maybe another shrub is dying. Do you know if it is a disease, if so would it be spreading so should I remove all diseased plants?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    It's not clear from the pictures how you are growing them. The lower picture could be dense planting amongst other plants causing part of the bush to fail. You can prune them back a bit to see if they will grow back. Remember, they always prefer to be grown in free draining soil in sun. If not, they can fail to thrive. In excessive cold nights, some young leaves can also be damaged by frost. In spring, plants are often damaged due to sudden warm weather for a week, then a week after freezing temperatures. I would just lightly prune off the damage areas and see how it responds.
  • thank you!
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