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How do you get rid of Passion Flower Vine Roots

Hi Sorry this goes on a bit....
Up until last year we had a passion flower on the outside of our house, this grew like a thing possessed & was springing up all over the place around the front edges of the house so it was decided to take it down & as much of the stump taken out. We then noticed that the frame around the front door was coming away from the surrounding brickwork & after some investigation which meant taking out some bricks a massive piece of passion flower stem was found in the cavity wall, this was removed & bricks replaced, anyway today i noticed a small green leaf coming from underneath the skirting board next to the door & on removing a small section of skirting there again was a thick piece of passion flower stem with sprouts coming off it.. 
Has anyone any idea how i can kill this thing off once & for all..


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,870
    let it produce a decent amount of foliage then spray with Roundup. 
    ( Cue howls of derision from some quarters. )
  • Hi Hostafan1
    Thanks for the reply i don't think my wife would want a tree growing in the hall! but you never  know could be a new trend....:-) 
  • Hi, we have exactly the same issue so would be keen to know what you did and if it worked. 

    It was coming through our skirting in the lounge so pulled it out but was amazed to then see it coming out of an air vent / brick just above a 1st floor bedroom window. The steps by the front door have also separated from house and noticed the passion flower was now on the other side of the step so has to be related

    Only thoughts currently are weedkiller but love the plant. 

    Can you let me know what you did pls
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,904
    Many years ago when I was a child we lived in a very old rather ramshackle farmhouse and we had a similar problem with a vigorous old rose pushing its way through the cracks between the oak beams and the very old crumbly brickwork and if was actually blooming inside the house, much to Ma’s great concern. 

    I remember Pa cutting it back and painting a weedkiller on the cut stumps and tieing plastic bags over the stumps so we children couldn’t touch it while the weedkiller was doing its work. 

    The rose died and builders came to repair the wall. I was rather disappointed… as a very young child I rather liked the idea of roses growing indoor 😂 

    Goodness knows what weedkiller Pa used all those years ago, but SBK stump and brushwood killer would do the job and is available from garden centres and DIY stores. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • We aslo faced this problem of passionflower coming up behind the skirting on internal walls.  It finds an airbrick or something and spreads under the floor and along the the central heating pipes..  We found the only solution was copious quantities of weedkiller, inside and out (after removing as much of the root as possible) and being vigilant outside for any new plants growing in the spring (the seeds from the fruit  continue to be active for several years after the original shrub was removed). Like bindweed you just have to keep at it but for several years!
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