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How do you get rid of Passion Flower Vine Roots

Hi Sorry this goes on a bit....
Up until last year we had a passion flower on the outside of our house, this grew like a thing possessed & was springing up all over the place around the front edges of the house so it was decided to take it down & as much of the stump taken out. We then noticed that the frame around the front door was coming away from the surrounding brickwork & after some investigation which meant taking out some bricks a massive piece of passion flower stem was found in the cavity wall, this was removed & bricks replaced, anyway today i noticed a small green leaf coming from underneath the skirting board next to the door & on removing a small section of skirting there again was a thick piece of passion flower stem with sprouts coming off it.. 
Has anyone any idea how i can kill this thing off once & for all..


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 31,571
    let it produce a decent amount of foliage then spray with Roundup. 
    ( Cue howls of derision from some quarters. )
  • Hi Hostafan1
    Thanks for the reply i don't think my wife would want a tree growing in the hall! but you never  know could be a new trend....:-) 
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