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Star Jasmine


Can anyone help with my Star Jasmine, we bought two around the middle of March this year and planted them when we got home.

Just recently this one has been dropping quite a few leaves and I’m concerned that it’s not doing too well. Its the first time we’ve had them. It does have more healthy shoots than not but also a few that seem to have withered and died?  

The other went down hill really quickly within a week, all of the shoots withered and the leaves turned brown, there’s no sign of life but the leaves all remain attached..

Many Thanks 


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,819
    It's fairly usual for newly planted plants to droop a bit until they get their roots down and start growing a bit. It's a bit of a shock to their system to be de-potted. A couple of thoughts - have you planted them at least 2 ft away from the wall? (the ground close to the wall is in a rain shadow and gets very dry). Also the mulch looks to be a bit thick and close to the stems, it shouldn't touch the stems at all. Finally as the Jasmine's are evergreen, most evergreen plants start to drop some of their oldest leaves about now and grow new ones, so this might be what's happening now.
    Star Jasmines in addition can be a bit tricky and fussy about their situation, one of mine is romping away and is 10 ft + high and wide but the other has sulked for years and won't get going (probably it's in the wrong place, too hot and dry clay soil) 
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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