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Feeding problems

Hilary_15Hilary_15 Posts: 83
Hi,  Can anybody advise me how & when to feed clematis & also roses.  I fed my roses with Toprose in late March but am unsure when & how often I should feed during the summer & what to feed them with. Some are newly planted in pots, others are well established in the ground.  Also I fed my clematis with Sulphate of Potash about 4 weeks ago, some now have buds on, should I be feeding them through the season with a liquid feed, if so how often?  Many thanks.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,000
    Roses and clematis are both hungry plants so I give mine a generous dollop of pelleted manure or blood, fish and bone in spring.   The ones planted in the soil then just get watered during dry spells as the soil was well worked with manure when I planted them and also gets mulched.

    Those in pots waiting for a permanent home in the ground get additional feeding thru the growing season, usually tomato fertiliser as that is rich in minerals for healthy plants and flowers plus regular watering, especially in hot, dry spells.
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  • Hilary_15Hilary_15 Posts: 83
    That's great, thanks for that.
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