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Hi all, Complete newbie here. I just moved into a property and would love to improve the appearance of the garden, starting with the lawn. It's in pretty bad shape, spent a few hours pulling out obvious weeds, etc. Where should I start with seeding to even out the patches? And what are the essential tools I'll need to get going? I'm willing to put some money into it but as it's a rental, I wouldn't want to sink too much in. Currently have a large fork, some trowels, a basic Flymo and a strimmer. All your help will be much appreciated!


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,135
    Hi @jamiekirk89 - I'm guessing that's a very shady site.
    If so, grass will always struggle, and it's quite a lot of work involved for a small area.
    To be honest, if it's rental, I wouldn't go mad.
    You can use a general grass feed to improve the grass growth, and then don't cut it too short, as that weakens it. Without some decent rainfall, it may take a month or so for it to look better. That alone will help, but it will depend on whether you can get some.
    Alternatively, as you have a fork, you can use it to spike to soil - just push it in as far as you can, and do that over the whole space. That helps aerate the soil and aids drainage if it's compacted ground. 
    You can then rake the surface, but that may be tricky without a rake! Loosen it as well as you can over the surface, or - if you can get some compost or top soil [most supermarkets will have some] you can sprinkle that over the surface and sow seed. Make sure the seed has good contact with the soil surface. Water it thoroughly if there's no rain in the forecast. 
    Again - it might be difficult to get seed, and choose one that matches the conditions, ie if it's shady, get one suitable for that.  :)
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  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    As Fairygirl says.  Any idea which way it’s facing and how many hours of direct sun it’s getting?

    In your place, as a rental, I’d be thinking of what I could grow in pots - plus if you can get something delivered you’ll be motivated by the quick results to do more.
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