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Advice needed. Bare patches in privet hedge

sarah.toomey1sarah.toomey1 Posts: 1
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Looking for some advice please.  We have privet hedging in our garden which has developed some woody patches.  These areas have some dried up leaves but there are some new leaves/growth appearing.  I have attached some photos (final photo sideways for some reason!).  Any advice would be super welcome. Many thanks 🙂


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,160
    This seemed to be a recurrent problem across the country last year, as indeed it has for us. I have come to the conclusion that many privet hedges have just come to the end of their natural lives and could be 50 years or more old. You could try watering it really well as I don't think the heatwave last year helped, clear out the base of the hedge and feed well with chicken manure pellets or any fertiliser that you've got to hand. It might also help if you reduce the height of the hedge to make it branch out further down.
    I've given up with my privet hedge bald patch and have just put a trellis panel across the gap. Fortunately that's behind the garage so we can't see it! 
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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