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What to plant?

MMflowerMMflower Posts: 77
Hi, my partner has gone and done some major pruning of the holly tree and there’s now a big gap there. It’s a very shaded corner area, also there are branches above spilling over from the neighbour’s garden. Also, this side of the garden doesn’t get much sun. What can I plant here in both areas circled? Please ignore the weeds , still work in progress ;-) Thanks!


  • LatimerLatimer Posts: 790
    I'm a complete newbie, so take my advice with a pinch of salt but my research into shady areas had me looking at hostas and ferns. 
  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
    Depends what you are trying to achieve I guess.  But if an evergreen, wildlife friendly shrub interests you then a small mahonia could fit in nicely.  Just watch out for the prickles!
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