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Climber in a pot

Rich BRich B Posts: 132
I need a fast growing colourfull climber to cover a shed wall that will go into a 1m long large planter and climb up a trestle screwed to the shed wall.
i had a Star Jasmine in my old garden which was lovely but slow growing and was in the ground. Should i get play safe and get a Passion flower or something a bit more special. It will get all day sun...


  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,472
    How deep is the planter? Permanent climbers need a deep root run and don't tend to do particularly well in containers, in the long term. If it's fairly shallow you might be best with annual climbers - Ipomea (morning glory), Thunbergia (black-eyed susan), Mina lobata (Spanish flag), Cobaea etc - that you can grow from seed each year. Maybe also sweet peas but I think they're normally grown in the ground.  They meet the brief of fast-growng and colourful but of course there'll be nothing there in winter.
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  • Rich BRich B Posts: 132
    I havnt built the planter yet but will be 40cmish deep
  • Rich BRich B Posts: 132
    I went for 2 sweet peas as its all i could get from bnq, the only open place for plants, they do have clematis but i got  2 elswhere in thr garden 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Sweet peas are not that permanent. If it's in full sun, Solanum Crispum 'Glasnevin' should cover an area quite fast, but you must have at least 50cm deep containers. Rather than limit yourself to B & Q, you can also order online.
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,905
    Sweet peas are fine in that - I grow most of mine in containers, but did you mean you only bought two plants?
    You could fit quite a lot in if it's a metre long. Plenty of food and water to keep them going though. If you had some seeds, you could shove them straight in. They'll germinate quite quickly now, and you'll have a continuation for the container right through summer.  :)
    If it's an ongoing 'item' for your garden, look at some of the alpina clematis for acquiring later in the year. They enjoy drier conditions than the bigger Group 1 & 2 types, and are happy in a container. 
    Taylor's Clematis are still operating. I have vouchers to use, so I'll need to get thinking and narrowing down my options!
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