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Wildflowers for a grassy bank?

Garden noobGarden noob Posts: 260
I'm thinking through ideas for a garden redesign and like the idea of a small bank of "rough" grass that has lots of flowers in it.

I'm stuck on the flowers though. I want it to be consistent year on year without much need for upkeep so I'm thinking of perennials and annuals that self sow easily (without taking over the rest of the small garden). 

I like the idea of bulbs/corms in early spring, eg crocuses and dwarf narcissi. I'm not sure what else to include though... Any ideas? I'd like there to be interest throughout the summer to about Sept if possible. Maybe a "summer meadow" look of wildflowers (can you tell I'm out of my depth?).

The bank would be against fences on the north and west, facing south east. It would be about 30-45 degrees (TBD).

Any input would be amazing! :smile:
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