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Help pruning a schefflera plant please!

Emily36Emily36 Posts: 22
I've got this little umbrella plant that's a few years old.  It was seriously pot bound and hasn't really done much for ages but I've now repotted it and would like to try and make it bush out a bit more.  I don't mind if it gets a little taller but ideally not too much taller.  I've googled how to prune them but am struggling a bit without photos and don't want to go chopping it in the wrong place. We also have a huge one probably around 8ft tall in our conservatory,  it's a single stem and very very leggy, its just tied up as there would be no way it could stand up but its pretty ugly. So I'm not sure if that ones gone too far or whether its still possible to do something with it? Any help much appreciated!


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